• Vince Larson

Moroccan Mint Mojito

Looking for a refreshing spin on a classic? Take your Classic Mojito up a notch by freezing a batch of Moroccan Mint Tea into ice cubes, to use in your next batch of Mojitos. The flavor of the Tea adds a welcome complexity to an already delicious classic.

Pro-Tip: Use “Directional Freezing” Ice Makers to produce beautiful clear ice cubes, and include a solitary mint leaf in each.

Moroccan Mint Mojito (Mint-Tea-To)

2 oz Rum

10 Muddled (gently) Mint Leaves

1 oz Lime

1/2 oz Rich Demerara Syrup

Moroccan Mint Tea Ice Cubes

Top with Seltzer

Garnish: Lime & Mint

Moroccan Mint Tea Recipe

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