• Vince Larson

Chocolate Orange Candy Mantini

Confession: I have a bit of a sweet tooth. I respect savory drinks, but I love the sweet ones.

When I was a kid, the holidays were all about family, and fireplaces… and sweets. Desserts. Candy. Hot cocoa. You name it!

One of my favorite candies was Terry’s Chocolate Orange Candy. It came in a square box with a window, through which you could see that orange colored foils that wrapped around the most delicious candy in the world.

on top of the packaging, this candy came with a bit of a gimmick: once you removed the foil wrapped goodness from the box, a sticker on that foil said “whack & unwrap.” Why? Because the candy inside was held together in the spherical shape of a chocolate orange. But when you smashed it, all the pieces came apart, revealing the delicious texture inside.

Then once you tasted it… forget about it! You’ve either had one or you haven’t. And if you haven’t, do yourself a favor and go out, ASAP, and get one. You’ll thank me. It’s so much fun. But the fun is only eclipsed by the flavor. Orange chocolatey goodness.

The other day I was attempting to make martinis, with some mild manner of success. I had recently come upon a delicious new brandy (Western Grace) as well as Angostura’s newest addition to the bitter world, Cocoa Bitters. I decided to make a hybrid of a Manhattan and a Martini, I affectionately called a Mantini. But as I played around with these ingredients, I realized it needed a bit more acidity and punch.

Now I love Gran Mariner, but I’d be lying if I said I’ve mastered the skill of using it in cocktails, it’s potent. Delicious but potent. But on this night, it just felt like the right move. And when I took the first sip… I melted like chocolate! That sip took me back to so many christmas mornings, whacking and unwrapping that delectable chocolate orange candy from Terry’s.

I fell so in love with this drink, that I’ve made it just about every other day since, as a night cap. If you life this same flavor profile, my guess is you love this Chocolate Orange Candy Mantini too!

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